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     Bingo has been around as a family or social recreation for centuries. People would meet and make good friends over a round of Bingo. But at the turn of the century, Bingo became associated with the elderly who use this game to pass their time faster with other like-minded individuals.

Online gaming has changed this old order. People from all age groups are hopping into the Bingo bandwagon as it can now be played in the privacy of their homes.

Did it ever occur to you that you can participate in a social event like a bingo game without ever having to be at some bingo hall at a certain time? Who would have thought that there would come a time where you can play bingo while you are multitasking, travelling, talking to a friend, surfing the web or reading a book?  Landmark Bingo has now made this dream now a reality. Instead of visiting a bingo hall every day, you can call up bingo at your fingertips, literally. Thanks to technology and to HTML 5 driven mobile applications it is possible to get engrossed into bingo on an iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry or even on a Windows-powered Nokia phone.

To sweeten the deal, at Landmark Bingo you are straightway credited with £15 Free just for registering with the site and start playing without further ado.

Even before you start enjoying the games, bonuses lovingly called BBs, start trickling in without your asking. You get 750% bonus cash back on your first three deposits. There is more in the offing, in fact the more money you deposit the more ‘BBs’ you earn back. For instance, you get £100 bonus for a deposit of the same amount. This means you can keep playing bingo with an account balance of £200 when you actually wagered a £100.  Isn’t that cool? If you follow the rules mentioned on the Landmark Bingo website then you are golden.

Card price is as low as 1p but you can get to play free games for as long as 4 hours and that too in the evenings just after you get off work or school.

Jackpots can run as high as £2500 but do not give out this information unless you want your friends to win and you cheer and applaud their good fortune and privately kick yourself.

There are huge cash prizes at Landmark Bingo just for staying logged in between certain times usually for an hour.

Not many sites offer a cell phone as a prize just for writing funny, interesting articles.

You can join Landmarkbingo on Facebook and Twitter and get updated on their latest promotions which seem to ballooning every day. With that objective in mind, you are incidentally exposed to a huge and popular bingo community within the UK.

And do not get us started on the tons of awesome flash and casino games in store for you. There are over 40 of them to choose from including scratch cards. We can write a book on those and you could keep playing them for a lifetime.

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