No Deposit Bingo Requires No Initial Deposit, it is FREE Bingo

contrary to the normal deposit rule of Bingo. Anyone can sign up for a game and begin to play without any initial payments; the amazing part is that Bingo websites offer this option and still pay new players bonus tips for joining the game. No deposit Bingo in other words is what is referred to as Free Bingo and it's becoming a popular trend in living rooms and online gambling sites.

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Ahoy Bingo
* 10 No Deposit Required
* 500% on first deposit

Landmark Bingo

Landmark Bingo
* 15 No Deposit Required
* Free Bingo Daily

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  10 500% Ahoy Bingo  
  15 750%
free on first 3 deposits
Landmark Bingo  
20 300% Bingo Liner  
20 500% Epic Bingo  
20 free on mobile
on first 3 deposits
Bingo Magix  
20 300% Bingo Cafe  
20 300% King Jackpot  
Ahoy Bingo
Landmark Bingo
Bingo Liner
Epic Bingo
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Bingo Magix
Bingo Cafe
No Deposit Bingo - What is Bingo?

Bingo is a fun card game played by many folks in social halls or gambling casinos. The common Bingo version we are all used to is the gambling type that requires an initial deposit for a player to earn a bonus. Lets look at another version of the game known as the no deposit bingo and lift some of the bingo playing rules:

* Bingo websites have utilized the no deposit bingo strategy in attracting as many clients as possible to their website. Bingo is a fun game to indulge in, but many potential players shy away from the deposit policy. So the free bingo option allows any player to participate just by signing up the registry form then the game is on. The result of offering Bingo without initial payments has been seen with a great host of players flooding online and physical casinos to have a go at the card game.

* Players on the other hand can join Bingo online and win a free bonus without depositing any money. No deposit Bingo has helped many first-timers have a go at the game before joining online gambling sites or physical casinos to play for money. The allure of a free deposit and free multiple chances to play are too good an offer for anyone to resist. Dozens of online gamers continue to sign up and join the dozens of Bingo rooms found online all just to gain the free bonus and chance to multiply their initial earnings.

* No deposit Bingo bonuses may vary with Bingo websites, but it's mostly measured as a percentage. Since there are no deposits, the Bingo website has to set the percentage bonuses based on their own ruling. It is possible to get a Bingo site offering a 300% matching bonus for all new players who sign up with them! If a player wishes to upload their own funds to add up to the bonus, they can do so with the reload options offered by most Bingo sites.

* Then there is the chance of winning the jackpot just by signing up for No deposit Bingo. Free Bingo can be used as a launch pad to the real game or you can play at any of the websites with the free play option and walk out with as much as 1000! The bottom line is to have fun playing Bingo and the free play option comes as a savior to many who couldn't get past the prior deposit barrier.

This is all the info you needed to understand what free Bingo is all about. It's good you went through the highlights to understand what you stand to gain with No Deposit Bingo


You might have seen the online bingo ads on UK television or heard them over the radio. Ever wondered what the fuss is about? They are talking about playing bingo, that's understandable, but what is all this about websites and free bonuses?

Online bingo games are the internet versions of land bingo. It is true, now you can play your favourite game of bingo on the internet and it is just like the real life version. There is actual money, playing with real people and winning actual prizes. Doesn't that sound like fun?! Yes it is as exciting as Bingo can be and you can play wherever you are and whenever you want to play. The next question is how is that even possible, how can I be sitting in front of a computer and be playing a real game of Bingo?

There are innumerable UK online bingo sites that are available for playing bingo... Read more...

Is No Deposit Bingo Actually Free?

This is one of the most common and frequently asked questions by the players of online bingo. There is a lot of confusion regarding this game. One of the main catches of playing free bingo online is that you cannot withdraw the money from the game even after winning it. No Deposit Bingo is offered by companies to make sure that the players who try the game want to keep playing it. If you are not losing money, then obviously you will want to keep playing it. Read more...
Landmark Bingo
Ahoy Bingo
Ahoy Bingo
10 Free at Ahoy Bingo - No Deposit Required
Ahoy Bingo
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